More Unreleased Tracks From Da Bassment

Da Bassment Tape Side2 Posted By Static Major Is Music
It has some songs of Missy again!
04:35 Sista "Find My Love" alternate version
07:56 Sista "Brand New(Mr. Dalvins Ferrari Mix)"lost verses of Static & Mr.Dalvin?
15:25 Missy & Timbaland track?

16:20 Playa & Timbaland & Missy track?
26:04 Virginia Williams ft Missy & Timbaland "Get Down"(?)
29:28 Is this Virginia, too? this song later become Taral Hicks's "Ooh Ooh Baby"

33:50 Missy "Red Light" →Article
41:11 Sugah "Sugar And Spice" →Article
(Details are not accurate because there is no tracklist in this tape.)

Big Thanks to Static Major Is Music!


Reek Da Villain ft Missy Elliott - Good Shit

This Track & Missy's verse are reuse of Nox's "Big Nox" in 2008.


Unreleased Sista's Tracks

Static Major Is Music posted valuable tracks of Da Bassment.
There are sista's two tracks in Da Bassment Tape Side1.
At 1:32, it is "Sweat You Down" in the Sista's album,
but this is lost verse of Missy and Craig Mac.Album Ver.
At 6:33, this track is not on the album!
this track later became Tha Truth's"U Better Be Ready".


Unreleased Timbaland Freestyle

Timbaland & Magoo f/ Sebastian - Fried Chicken

This is Missy's "Keep It Movin" track

Same beat freestyle
D.O.E f/ N.O.R.E - Don't Beleave Me


Jazmine Sullivan : Excuse Me & Luv Back

Excuse Me
Luv Back

Which of Missy's track do you like most?

Prototype for Monica's "So Gone"

This video posted by tweet.
After her great performance, there is a very interesting thing from 13:53. Did Missy also write this song?
Monica - So Gone
Monica f/ Busta - So Gone(Remix) Additional Vocals by Tweet
Tweet is recording "Love tweet" now. I can't wait!


J.Cole - Best Friend

This song from J.Cole's new mixtape "Friday Night Lights".
sampled "Best Frind" from Supa Dupa Fly
Missy Elliott f/ Aaliyah - Best Friend

Classic!  R.I.P Aaliyah


Lil'Wayne's Talk That Lost Verse(No DJ)

This is no dj version of the Lil'Wayne verse that did leake several months ago.However,this song will not be released as a Missy's song.[fanmade fulltrack]
Talk That Final Version By Timbaland & T-Pain & Billy Blue


Super Rare Missy track!!!

Super rare track again!
from Static Major Is Music
Missy Elliott - Red Lights(Snippet)

Like this!!!!!!!
Prototype of Tha Truth!'s "Red Lights"?
Tha Truth! ft Erick Sermon -
Red Lights Bustin' Out(On Funk)(1997)



Tweet's Early Group "Sugah"

In the days of Sista of Missy,
Tweet was a member of the group called Sugah.
my favorite amazing blog
Static Major Is Music
posted a super rare song of Sugah!
check it out!

Sugah - Sugar And Spice(Snippet)
I think possibly that this song became the prototype of Tha Truth!'s "Candy".
Tha Truth! - Candy(1997)


Jazmine Sullivan"Luv Back" Preview

Missy&Lamb produced song "Luv Back" preview
Jazmine Sullivan Facebook ←click!

   Preview for "Love Me Back"  amazon


Sharaya New Promo Pic

follow her @Sharaya_J

Back In The Day : Tha Truth!

Tha Truth! ft Keith Murray - Makin' Moves

Did you find Missy?


Remember Her? Jessica Betts

She is winner of TV program "The Road To Stardom with Missy Elliott 2005"After the program end, the album was made, but it was released only in Japan.These songs are from "Jessie Pearl".
BlockBackground vocal by Missy & Corte Ellis of Soul Diggaz.
Moon f/ MissyWhisper f/ Missy

Back In The Day : We Run This Performance

Push Back "Love Me Back"

"Love Me Back"
1. Holding You Down (Missy Elliott,Lamb) (3:37)
2. 10 Seconds (Salaam Remi) 2nd Single (3:08)
3. Good Enough (Chuck Harmony) (4:02)
4. Don’t Make Me Wait (Los Da Mystro) (3:30)
5. Love You Long Time (Salaam Remi) (3:13)
6. The Redemption Song (Anthony Bell) (3:52)
7. Excuse Me (Missy Elliott,Lamb) (3:34)
8. U Get On My Nerves (Ne-Yo) (3:53)
9. Stuttering (Toby Gad) (3:10)
10. Famous (No I.D.) (4:43)
11. Luv Back (Missy Elliott,Lamb) (3:36)


Holding You Down New Remixes & Tracklist Update

"Love Me Back"
1. Holding You Down (Missy Elliott,Lamb) (3:37)
2. 10 Seconds (Salaam Remi) 2nd Single (3:08)
3. Good Enough (Chuck Harmony) (4:02)
4. Don’t Make Me Wait (Los Da Mystro) (3:30)
5. Love You Long Time (Salaam Remi) (3:13)
6. The Redemption Song (Anthony Bell) (3:52)
7. Excuse Me (Missy Elliott,Lamb) (3:34)
8. U Get On My Nerves (Ne-Yo) (3:53)
9. Stuttering (Toby Gad) (3:10)
10. Famous (No I.D.) (4:43)
11. Luv Back (Missy Elliott,Lamb) (3:36)

New Remixes
Jazmine Sullivan f/ Rick Ross - Holding You Down(Remix)
Jazmine Sullivan f/ Raekwon - Holding You Down(Remix)
Jazmine Sullivan f/ Grafh - Holding You Down(Remix)
Nipsey Hussle / Holding You Down Freestyle



"Love Me Back" will be released on November 2nd.

Features production from Missy

"Holding You Down" "Excuse Me" & "Luv Back"

Sharaya's song"What is Love?" written by Alja Jackson.


Holding You Down Swizz Mix & Behind The Sceanes

Jazmine Sullivan - Holding You Down(Remix)f/ Swizz Beatz & Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige - Be Happy(1994)

Behind The Sceanes


Old Performance , New Find

This is classics.
And listen to the song of the opening.What is this!!!????

Original track from Timbaland&Magoo's "INDECENT PROPOSAL"


Remember Aaliyah

R.I.P Aaliyah-9 Years Ago Today

Missy Said '' I miss her every day ''
MTV News


Jazmine's 2nd Album''Love Me Back'' Tracklist

Jazmine Sullivan 2nd Album''Love Me Back''will be released on October 5!
Missy produced ''Holding You Down'' ''Excuse Me''and one more?(Missy said: we did 3 joints together)

1. Holding You Down (Goin’ In Circles)
2. 10 Seconds
3. Good Enough
4. Don’t Make Me Wait
5. Love You Long Time
6. Redemption
7. Excuse Me
8. U Get On My Nerves
9. Stuttering
10. In Vain
11. Famous
12. Luv Back

???13???Holding You Down Swizz Beatz Remix ft.Mary J. Blige
(Missy tweeted:Crazzzzzy!!! Jazmine remix Holding ya Dwn with Mary J and Swizz!!!! THey Slayyyed it!!!!)


Jazmine Sullivan - Holding You Down New Remixes

Jazmine Sullivan f/ Uncle Marda - Holding You Down(Remix)

Jazmine Sullivan f/ Wale - Holding You Down(Remix)



Back In The Day : Tamia

Can't Go For That(Missy Mix)f/ 213

Original&Other Remix
Can't Go For That
Can't Go For That(Remix) f/ 213


Back In The Day : Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivan f/ Chaundon - Dream Big(Remix)

Check My New Blog!!
Always Have Jazmine Sullivan


Back In The Day & 702 Reunion With Missy?

Steelo(Cali Mix) Mixed By Timbaland

Same Track Missy's"Izzy Izzy Ahh"?

Other Remix
 Steelo(J-Dub Mix)

 Steelo(Rashad Smith Remix)
 Steelo(Timbaland Mix)

Missy Tweeted


Sharaya Performance & Promo Pic

Jazzfestival 2010 In Stockholm

Lov This Song! Sampled Haddaway's "What Is Love"?

I'm Looking Forward To Her Debut.


Jazmine Sullivan - Betcha She Don't Love You

Monica's "If You Were My Man" Demo

Monica - If You Were My Man
I want to hear it if there is the demo of "Everything To Me"&"Lemme Know"


Crazy Feelings Demo???

This is demo?

Missy Elliott f/ Beyonce - Crazy Feelings(from Da Real World)

Was it a song made for Destiny's Child first?
Which is better?



One In A Million

The-Dream Cover

What do you think?

Rare Remix!!!

Check 2:07~Missy's Verse!!!
I think that it is a part in Timbaland Remix that has been cut.



Monica - Blackberry

New Monica's Album ''Still Standing'' iTunes Bonus Track

Leftover Track
Let Me Know f/ Jazmine Sullivan


Missy On Chilli's Reality Show

VH1 Celeb-Reality Show “What Chilli Wants”


Tweet - Turn Da Lights Off & Monica - So Gone 9th Wonder Remix[New Remix]

Tweet f/ Missy Elliott - Turn Da Lights Off(9th Wonder Oh No You Didn't Remix)

Other Remixes
 Turn Da Lights Off(Remix)
 Turn Da Lights Off(Remix) f/ 50cent

Monica f/ Joe Scudda - So Gone(9th's Dedication To The Moon Cuz Its Black Remix)

Other Remixes
So Gone(Remix) f/ Young Buck
So Gone Outro(Remix) f/ Busta Rhymes & Tweet



Fayze(Missy's Early Group!) - First Move(Clip)

LP version
Underground Remix ft/ Hitler FULL