One In A Million

The-Dream Cover

What do you think?

Rare Remix!!!

Check 2:07~Missy's Verse!!!
I think that it is a part in Timbaland Remix that has been cut.


  1. ewww gross who the f*ck told Dream to be on this.. I thought Beyonce was supposed to do a cover three years ago, I think it's weird how Dream couldn't have put Christina or Ciara on the remake instead, and to top it off he added auto-tune what a disgrace! The original should've never been tampered with it was and still is a true masterpiece r.i.p. Babygirl

  2. Missy says that the One In A Million Remix with her verse in it is fake, someone just mixed in one of her verses

  3. @Anonymous
    I wanted to listen to Ciara's Aaliyah cover...

    fake?...I was really disappointed :(
    However, what would you quote her verse from?...It is mystery

  4. The Missy's verse isn't fake... even in the edited Timbaland remix when you listen carefully you can hear her rap in the backgroud. Besides I said in the video that I got the song from my friend, but now I have my own copy of "One In A Million" vinyl and I can confirm that this is exactly the version from the official vinyl.

  5. @AzzIzz
    thx for teaching it